Stress Toxicity And How It Can Impact Your Life

Life stress will happen to everyone and not all of it is bad. Stress kicks in to supply you with critical support to make the team winning basketball shot, the quarterly presentation and speeds your response time. However too much stress begins to affect the mind, body, and behavior adversely to hurt your health and your relationships. The only way to combat stress is via meditation, healthy eating and exercise.

As we all know stress can take many shapes:

1) Physical – when you engage in physical activities that require more strength than you currently possess or which wear the body out over time. One example would be jobs such as waitressing, bartending and event coordination where the individual is always running around during work hours because they need to serve others and make sure everyone’s needs are met on an immediate basis.

2) Work Related – This is usually inherent to demanding jobs where urgency emanates your every hour due to poor planning, procrastination, a fast-paced business model that doesn’t permit for downtime. This kind of job generally doesn’t permit you to leave work ever and your up until all hours when things are still pending.

3) Environmental- this occurs especially in larger cities where everyday activities require large masses of people to use condensed transportation roadways or in some cases streets or trains.

4) Relationship – when relationships people have are not working. Siblings are not speaking to each other, parents and children have drifted apart, one family member has an illness he/she is trying to deal with or those around him are trying to be supportive. There are additional stressors when there is no family support system at all and friends are the ones that need to provide a support system for the individual from providing rides to work, money to help bills or emotional support if one is afflicted with any kind of ailment.
These types of stressors are detrimental to ones health. People are often exposed to both due to financial necessity or because the initial endorphin high is difficult to kick. However, with time, both can be toxic to ones’ health. What are some impacts to health commonly suffered?

stress toxicity

How do we beat stress?

Healthy eating, meditation and exercise have become the answer for today’s life stressors. Meditation or mental floss provides the mind with the ability to stay in the now. What does this mean? It strives to eliminate worry and anxiety about items that may never occur. Meditation is known to medically adjust the brain to clean out the noise we delve into.

Healthy eating is also key to peace because the foods we ingest have a domino effect on the body. Large amounts of sugars, caffeine and others stimulants trigger anxiety, enhance worry and anger even within the body. It is imperative to monitor the rate which you ingest stimulants such as these into your body.

It is also important to understand where your food originates. Foods processed locally in organic farms are not injected with the harmful substances created to increase shelf life. Within the body, those same substances wage war on your insides and chip away at vital organs, clog arteries and wreak havoc inwardly. It is recommended also to eat seasonal fruits, organic meats and lots of nuts which contain critical nutrients to fuel your body.

Exercise, lastly, is the body’s way of elimination. Exercise with cardio and weightlifting will carry you to old age in the best possible way. Strong bones and an oxygenated heart manage to keep people feeling highly energetic, less sluggish and fuel the mind also.
These three items are critical to diminish or combat stress. If you are trying to move away from a stress filled existence, try to adopt these into your life and you’ll immediately notice a difference.

Eat Well. Sweat Often.

Scratch the Diet