Alkalife ph booster shots balance your body

Alkalife provides improved blood oxygenation, clarity, focus, energy in just a few drops. Take this pH booster and add it to water for immediate effect.

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Alkalife ph booster shots are an easy way for you to bring alkalinity easily into your life.

How will these shots benefit you and what does this mean?

  • Improved blood oxygenation
  • clarity
  • focus
  • energy

Who are candidates for higher alkalinity?

  • People who drink a lot of caffeine. Even out the caffeine intake with alkaline water intake.
  • Do you suffer from dehydration? If you’re ever thirsty, you are dehydrated. Alkaline water hydrates your body.
  • Are you stressed? A contributor to stress is not drinking enough water. With alkaline water, your body hangs on to hydration a lot more.
  • Do you suffer from poor digestion? If so, consider alkaline water. Consider drink a ton of water a day. This will help you improve your digestion overall.

Fill a glass of water with the shots for a test run. Remember the shots are pretty strong. You really only need one shot or two to fully alkalinize water. If you prefer to go all out though, you can drop a few drops into a gallon of water and fully enjoy the benefits of alkaline rich water.

This Alkalife product was designed to alleviate some of the pressure of water integrity. It is a quick solution  you can carry with you anywhere. This portable solution is easy to carry in a purse for quick use.

The gut needs both acidic and alkaline levels to maintain optimum digestion. This product is designed to enhance your alkalinity levels so that you enjoy higher energy, improved digestion, enhanced clarity and focus.

Speaking from my own experience, high alkaline water manages to leave me feeling immediately refreshed and provides energy. I was able to reduce leg cramps after using this product and stopped suffering from side stitches when I run.

Hydrate your body for better sports performance and gut balance.

Eat Well. Be Well.


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