Oxydrene – deep tissue oxygenator

It boosts endurance, so what does this mean to you? It means you’ll be able to run longer, bike longer and lift longer.

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If you’re trying to enhance your sports performance, increase endurance and reduce muscle cramps, Oxydrene, a deep tissue oxygenator, is the answer.

Now what is an oxygenator and why would you care? Essentially oxydrene affects the body the way eating foods high in alkalinity do. It oxygenates your blood and provides increased endurance and energy.

When trying to work towards gains in the gym, we often neglect diet. Diet still composes 80% of that equation. Eat crap food and you’ll have crap results. You’re body will not respond as quickly to progress if you don’t fuel it properly. This means eating tons of veggies, protein and  yes carbs. It also means equip the body with the necessary supplements so it can succeed. Due to the fact we are further from farm to table than ever before, today we need to really explore how we can maximize our strength without the same readily available nutrients. That’s when supplements like Oxydrene come into play to make a difference in our overall success.

As per Novex Biotech indicates, it is 100% Crenulin-RCC2 formula. “When taken 1 hour before exercise, Oxydrene® Elite’s powerful functional extract (Crenulin-RCC2) has been shown in a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial to not only increase exercise endurance, but to help participants actually reach a higher VO2Max, a sign of greater oxygen consumption at the tissue level, than the placebo group.”

Oxydrene boosts endurance. What does this mean to you? It means you’ll be able to run longer, bike longer and lift longer. Typically this is a popular product amongst triathletes and runners. Weightlifters use many other products to enhance endurance. This one, however, does require consideration. Not only does it provide oxygenation to the body, reduces muscle cramps and increases lung capacity, this will definitely give you the pump you’re after.


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