Waist Trimmer popularity increases


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Wear this waist trimmer when you work out and wear it when you’re not working out. If you’re losing weight, its important to keep this on so  your stomach elasticity isn’t compromised. This is especially true for people who are losing 10lbs+. It’s also important for you to use coconut oil in this area. Additional tips coming soon.

HrGlass Training waist trainer produces immediate slimming effect and aids in weight loss. It is easy to adjust with breathable mesh fabric that doesn’t restrict movement or range of motion.

Accelerate your metabolism, and watch your tummy get trimmer. Helps you burn fat faster, and tone your body when engaging in high intensity activities, exercises or during workouts.

The slimming belt will not only accentuate your curves, but also provide your back and abdomen with added support. The flexible fitted waist trimmer uses a mild compression technology to encourage correct posture and provides lumbar support.

The shape wear belt is easily double-adjustment velcro belt for sizing accuracy. The mesh fabric in the back allows for breathability and the four acrylic bones provide unparalleled support. Durable and long-lasting.

HrGlass Training is committed to provide the highest quality shapewear and the best customer service. This product is ONLY fulfilled by Amazon and seller “HrGlass Training”.

Waist trimmers are widely adopted in Latin cultures. Women wear these as young as possible to further the waist to hip ratio they desire. After pregnancy, the waist trimmer is also used to help with skin elasticity post baby.

In hollywood this product is also a favorite of the Kardashians and has made its way into gyms everywhere. Does it help? Is it a myth? If you do wear this for a limited amount of time, when you take it off you’ll notice a slimmer waist but this is short lived. However, it’s all about preference and what you accustom your body to.


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