The benefits of water hydration

Our body consists of about 70% water which enables communication between the individual cells. Water is required to regulate our metabolism, our heart and blood circulation, our digestion, kidney function, even to lubricate our joints and help with muscle function.

A lot of ailments today are attributed to the increased consumption of caffeines and the decreased consumption of H20. Did you know for every cup of coffee you drink, you need two cups of water to offset the dehydration? Did you also know most people can calculate how many cups of water they need simply by stating their weight and removing the last digit? For example, 120 lb person would drink at least 12 cups of water daily.

Water, our lifeline, isn’t being consumed in the ways the body requires. Lack of proper hydration can compromise your health and issues such as vertigo and dizziness are sometimes triggered because of dehydration.

Reasons Water is important to your health

  • Keep your body functioning optimally. Water helps you avoid Muscle Cramps, constipation, brain fag, kidney stones, as well as improve your blood circulation.
  • Skin care. Hydration permeates on the epidermis. Healthy complexions, glistening eyes, strong hair and nails, these are all evident results of hydration.
  • Digestion. Nothing impacts your intestines like lack of water. Water is necessary to create the bile needed for proper elimination in the body. Detox your body by infusion it with H20 and enjoy the benefits of regularity. Water is required for detoxing our system, for transporting nutrients to cells, and regulating our body temperature.
  • Boost your metabolism. Drinking water with lemon and a sprinkle of cayenne can kickstart your metabolism first thing in the morning. Increased consumption will improve your skin, nail growth and even brain peer.

Want to add an extra kick to your H2o, consider alkaline water. Not only does it infuse your body with electrolytes it adds oxygenation to your blood which balances out your gut and provides you with increased energy. Click on the following links for additional information on alkalinity and gut imbalance.

Stay hydrated to stay healthy!

Eat well. Sweat Often.

Scratch the Diet