Exercise- it’s not a 4 letter word

I’ll start tomorrow, I’ll start Monday. I’ll start next week when I have another excuse that will arise. So what can you do to really get your exercise game on? First thing is, rethink the word and even the practice.

Exercise can be a million things, it’s up to you to define it. For some, it can mean running for miles on end, lifting weights, dancing and for still others it might be mountain biking, kitesurfing, snorkeling or simply walking. 
 If it means endorphins are being set off, there’s some heart rate activity for intermittent periods and potentially a little sweat paired with a post-feel good feeling it can be categorized as “exercise” Yes, this also means being intimate with another person (wink, wink)

So how do you create goals to make exercise less painful?

Create goals that are fun-oriented- The goal isn’t to do a million squats, though that can be a goal.

Count how many jumping jacks you can do in a minute, then beat that number next time around.- That can be a goal.

Jump rope without stopping for 5 minutes. This sounds easy but it isn’t and these can be goals.

Invite a friend or your spouse to join in while you do this to make it a group activity if you prefer to work out with someone. Both of you will benefit, feeling good is contagious and the added motivation can be really helpful.

Just remember, the goal is to feel good about what you’re doing so that you continue to do it happily. Activity is the way that you can reach your ultimate highs and maintain a healthy happy life. So go out and explore what makes you feel good and then do it as often as you can.

Eat Well. Sweat Often

Scratch the Diet

Balance is the heartbeat of our day

Tons of people swear balance is key, but really what are some real practices to apply?

  1. Just do it. Quit talking yourself out of the things you need the most of. Stop the excuses, the long list of other things you could do instead and most importantly stop spending time in front of the TV wasting precious hours on sitcoms when you can be sharing moments with others.
  2. Meditate always. Meditation will keep you grounded and happy. How do you meditate you might ask? It took me awhile to figure this out. For me it was a matter of focusing on affirmations that I repeated out loud. This made me remember where to keep my focus on the most important goals of my life. It also taught me to treat circumstances with love and also to disregard time.
  3. Self care. By self care, for me and many women, I mean the rituals that make you feel like a woman. Whether it’s a body scrub or a massage or getting your nails done or having a facial or a long bath. Take a dance class or do something that feels utterly feminene. These are the ways you stay in touch with your feminene energy and dispel all the masculine energy we can’t seem but to absorb in today’s world. These are all ways to self care and love yourself that every woman needs to adopt and practice daily, weekly, monthly. Loving yourself is that important because as we all know to love others, you must love yourself first.
  4. Gratitude. Every morning I am in the habit of stating 3 things I am grateful for. Within those three things would range my pilates class, my abundance, my puppy’s health, my boyfriend’s smile.

Being in balance isn’t always a 100% game. Sometimes you can only do this 60/40% of the time or 80/20 or 20/80. Just remember that you can always return to this space to attain your balance.

Personally, today I’m developing all these habits again. It hasn’t been easy to remember that these rituals require maintenance so that I feel completely balanced and in love with myself. After all, the most important relationship is the one you have with you.

Stay in balance! Wishing you much health and happiness.

Eat Well. Sweat Often.

Scratch the Diet

The benefits of water hydration

Our body consists of about 70% water which enables communication between the individual cells. Water is required to regulate our metabolism, our heart and blood circulation, our digestion, kidney function, even to lubricate our joints and help with muscle function.

A lot of ailments today are attributed to the increased consumption of caffeines and the decreased consumption of H20. Did you know for every cup of coffee you drink, you need two cups of water to offset the dehydration? Did you also know most people can calculate how many cups of water they need simply by stating their weight and removing the last digit? For example, 120 lb person would drink at least 12 cups of water daily.

Water, our lifeline, isn’t being consumed in the ways the body requires. Lack of proper hydration can compromise your health and issues such as vertigo and dizziness are sometimes triggered because of dehydration.

Reasons Water is important to your health

  • Keep your body functioning optimally. Water helps you avoid Muscle Cramps, constipation, brain fag, kidney stones, as well as improve your blood circulation.
  • Skin care. Hydration permeates on the epidermis. Healthy complexions, glistening eyes, strong hair and nails, these are all evident results of hydration.
  • Digestion. Nothing impacts your intestines like lack of water. Water is necessary to create the bile needed for proper elimination in the body. Detox your body by infusion it with H20 and enjoy the benefits of regularity. Water is required for detoxing our system, for transporting nutrients to cells, and regulating our body temperature.
  • Boost your metabolism. Drinking water with lemon and a sprinkle of cayenne can kickstart your metabolism first thing in the morning. Increased consumption will improve your skin, nail growth and even brain peer.

Want to add an extra kick to your H2o, consider alkaline water. Not only does it infuse your body with electrolytes it adds oxygenation to your blood which balances out your gut and provides you with increased energy. Click on the following links for additional information on alkalinity and gut imbalance.

Stay hydrated to stay healthy!

Eat well. Sweat Often.

Scratch the Diet

13 Tips to Happy Health

Being happy is a state of mind. While I’ve been struggling with balance and trying to figure out what are the key ingredients that make a difference in my perspective daily so that I could be happy, it dawned on me maybe its a matter of practice.

With that being said, I took a deeper dive to ask myself what are some things that make me happy on a daily basis? After much contemplation I drafted the below list hoping that this would somehow shed insight into others’ lives as well.

  • Laugh daily.
  • Being comfortable in your own skin feels right.
  • Cardio and weight lifting do give you a healthy and happier heart.
  • Meditation will change your life.
  • Organic is best, but there are alternatives.
  • Loving yourself has no correlation with your weight.
  • Nuts and seeds are your friend- find the one that tastes best to you.
  • Fostering good relationships automatically feeds your soul.
  • Everything in moderation.
  • Improvements do not happen overnight, but they do happen.
  • Giving time or money to others does have a karmic flow.
  • Abundance is a state of mind.
  • Worrying doesn’t prevent life from happening. Take it easy.

With all this being said, this list is a part of my own mantra for better living.

Of the above, meditation has been a key game changer. It has made the other items much easier to follow and made a noticeable difference in my day.

Fifteen minutes of mindfulness is normally all it takes. For those who struggle with meditation, write a list of positive affirmations and read them out loud for fifteen minutes if you prefer to kick off your practice. Once you memorize these, trust me it gets easier.

For tips on mediation, please read here. (point to the meditation article)

Eat well. Sweat Often.

Scratch the Diet