Forget Weight As a Measurement!

Often I have clients who say, “I want to lose weight.  My ideal weight is 140 lbs.”  This makes me shudder a little.

Women, especially, are so hard on themselves. I see these beautiful faces staring at me and think, “You are lovely.” And by the time we finish working together, I want them to feel that way too. These aren’t women with low self-confidence or self esteem, these are powerhouses that are managing companies and taking major risks each day. Yet, when we’re naked, staring at the scale, this number sums us up someway.

The main thing we need to understand is the scale is not the answer. It’s time to take another look around, understand shapes and sizes as well as what can you achieve with your body, your unique body.

before and after weight

Both of these women weigh 150 lbs.

weight in

What do they all have in common? They “weigh” the same but look differently.

Your body is yours alone. If you’re curvy and want to be more muscular, if you’re big boned and want to appear leaner, or if you just want to fit into a pair of jeans that have been hanging in your closet, work with a trainer to figure out what is realistic and what is achievable. Have no doubt, there is work required, but as you train keep in mind you will grow stronger in more ways than one.

I do promise something, re-evaluating your diet, activity and/or lifting weights will reshape the way you look in the mirror. Most importantly based on the activity and the nutrients, your serotonin levels will be shooting up through the roof.

Side effect: Happy

At the end of the day, it’s not the number on the scale that matters but how you feel best.

When asked what’s the overall point of this path? Why be healthy? What will change?

Running, jogging, biking, dancing, walking in the park are cardiovascular exercises. Anything that has your body moving is a plus. Simply put, they are designed to make your heart pump a little better, stronger, efficiently.

Side effects: You might lose some “weight”. Your core will get stronger. Your legs may lean up. Your arms may lean up. Your cheeks will flush. You will run further each time. Your endurance will grow as will your stamina. The time you spend running may clear your mind and improve focus. This may serve as meditation.

Weightlifting, crossfit, HITT training will give you a great strength training, core development workout.

Side effects: It will tone you up, lean you out, improve your focus and consequently strengthen you. It may be your “me time”, your social hour or your way to diffuse stress. Your lean body mass may increase and at the same time decrease your body fat levels. You might notice yourself flexing all the time and observing weekly dates like Flex Friday.

Healthy eating will provide a reprieve from sugar cravings, from stress, from mood swings and from health issues such as diabetes 2 and obesity. You might lose a few pounds too.

Side effects: You might long for green juices, you might feel great after eating a bowl of kale with salmon and almonds, when people say, I tried a juice cleanse, you’ll have your own recipes.

Eat Well. Sweat Often.

Scratch the Diet.

Juicing 101- Is it right for you?

So there’s been a lot of information about juicing, why to do it and why not to. While it is a great way to dose up on all the greens you wouldn’t normally eat, there are certain ways of juicing that might prove more fruitful than others. No pun intended.

Here are some easy tips for those of you who want to juice smartly.

Juicing tips 101

  • Grab your favorite greens and throw them in the mix- spinach is one great tasty treat!
  • Spirulina, kale and swiss chard work wonders on digestion.
  • Chia and even flax seed pair well with almost everything.
  • Turmeric and cayenne can be great anti-oxidants and aid with detox if that is the goal.
  • Use water or flaxseed milk or coconut milk. The milk additions will add nutrients you wouldn’t otherwise get.
  • Optional: add whey protein from grass fed cows. I personally find this is great for protein intake and fresh market’s vanilla brand is pretty tasty!
  • Optional: Add fruit- while this adds flavor try to keep it to simply one fruit, not more, as fruits are best eaten alone. Also try to include fruits that will not spike your insulin levels much like apple instead of banana.

There are some practices which really believe the addition of fruit confuses the body’s digestive flow. It delays the absorption of the greens which you are juicing for just that reason.

Since everyone is bio-individual it’s important to really think about your goal when your juicing and to try it to determine for yourself if it makes sense. Choose a day that isn’t high in stress or perhaps a day off just to test how your body is going to respond.

To read a little more click here for why Ayurveda and juicing don’t mix.

Good luck and please check out the Recipes section for some great Juicing mixes.

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