Meditate- Choose your thoughts wisely

At first, I thought there was no way I could meditate. My mind is rich with thoughts at all hours oftentimes into the night. However much I read about the practice and even engaged in it during yoga I couldn’t quite get the equation. Until finally, determined to give it a try I decided to make it part of my morning ritual.

I bought a little sitting pillow, grabbed a lavender candle and created my meditation area, a space which permitted only my meditation. It wasn’t for anything else. The first morning I timed 15 minutes and made myself sit there. My mind wasn’t quiet, it was actually pretty difficult but I sat there encouraging my mind with positive affirmations about my life and my day.

The first week was a challenge, the second it got easier and little by little I started looking forward to my morning mentions. It was my time in the morning to say thank you to the universe for all the great people in my life, my health and my abundance.

Where your mind goes, energy flows.

Slowly meditation began to make a difference. Normally quick to anger, my responses were almost sedated. Conversations that would normally spiral downward were not doing so. Instead of reacting, I thought to myself, how important is this to me? Am I being kind or am I trying to be right? What will I gain? This dampened my reactions and I thought a lot more before speaking hastily. I started focusing on everything that was right and warded off thoughts that didn’t serve me.

I learned that when I give myself time to reasonably meditate and focus on my positive affirmations, my whole day is different. At first I thought this was hokie, now I realize this was a practice I’d only wish I’d known more about.

Meditation has taught me to focus on gratitude and that my day can be determined by the attitude I adopt before I leave the house. I can ask myself before responding to someone if my agitation is warranted and really, is it necessary? Sometimes we forget that we are here to help each other not to combat one another for minor details. Is it added pressure? No, when I act from my heart I feel greater authenticity. Even when the day isn’t the best, a concentrated effort towards the positive does make it better. Love you! Love yourself.

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